TORK SPEED Automatic Sliding Gate Motor

Customized system

Turkish Quality

Turkish Quality

Tork speed 1000 kg

Tork Speed 1000 kg

Tork Door, which also manufactures engine types that will adapt to your sliding automatic doors, also offers the Tork Speed ​​1000kg sliding door motor type suitable for your needs. Our company can respond to your needs with various alternatives. The sliding door motor can be opened up to 12 meters per minute with a locking function and includes thermal protection on the control unit. For your trouble-free operation, there is no problem in the operating performance from -15 to 60 degrees. With the IP24 protection coefficient, this door motor with a weight of only 9kg shows the ability to work with the battery.

Energy Input (VAC-VDC) 230 VAC
Motor Operating Voltage (VAC-VDC) 220 VDC
Working Continuity (%) 40%
Engine Power (Watt) 160 W
Load capacity (kg) 1000 kg
Speed (cm / sec) 14 cm / sec

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